We are passionate about festive decorations...

...and our goal is to create the most unusual company in the professional festive decoration industry!

Illumination Expert Golden Circle Why

Why do we do it?

Our passion is to revolutionize the Christmas decoration industry by being a true partner, not just a supplier. Our mission is to help build a more successful business by using digital innovation to create stunning, efficient and memorable holiday experiences. Our goal is to go beyond the traditional supplier role, focusing on partnership and innovation to enable your business to stand out and grow.

Illumination Expert Golden Circle How are we doing it?

How are we doing it?

We offer a holistic approach from concept, visualization, production organization to marketing assistance and select best technology tailored to the needs of the project. We are familiar with festive lighting projects for: amusement parks, historical sites, commercial spaces, cities and private owners and we share it with you. We are agile, focused on delivering customer value by creating the best user experience.

Illumination Expert Golden Circle What are we doing?

What do we do?

We help you build and grow your business in the festive decoration industry. We use our knowledge, design capabilities, production resources and sales management as tools that will help you grow your business.

Services we provide:

Design services

We are your design team, you can hire for your project. Whenever it is for designing one piece of an individual product or whole design for your project or decoration collection, we're here to help!

Individual production

We provide production of custom-designed decorative items, as well as series of decorations. Our business model allows us to scale production resources, and you pay only for the production of your decorations - without paying for the production team's idle time.

Expert knowledge

Use our expertise and hire us for your complex project. If you have any unusual request from your Clients, we're here to help you. We advice, we share our knowledge and design framework in order for you to offer better solutions.